Winners of NMIMS Parliamentary Debate

The team of Kriti Rathi, Ashutosh Ranjan and Devashish Trivedi would not have thought of what lay in future when they took the center stage for one last final round of the Loquitor’16 Asian Parliamentary Debate competition organized by and at NMIMS School of Law, Mumbai. It was only in the last 45 minutes of the competition, they emerged as the victors of the championship and made not only themselves but the whole ILNU fraternity proud of them.

The social media team interacted with the victors once they got back. Here are few excerpts of the conversation.

Q: First of all congratulations for your remarkable victory. Locquitor is one of the remarkable Parliamentary Debate Competitions in India and winning it is indeed an outstanding feet. How has the journey been?

A: The experience was great, even after being an inaugural debate tournament it felt like that the Organising committee was managing things easily, the adjudication core was splendid and was able to put forth interesting motions like banning of private cars, duty of UNESCO to restore Palmyra ruins etc. We won 3 preliminary rounds out of 4 in which we were pitted against the teams who eventually made it to semi-finals like NLUM, GLCM and PGCL, one of the closest rounds in which we felt we’re going to lose was that of the semi-finals in which we had to go as government and explain why UNESCO should restore the ruins of Palmyra, it was a challenge but as a team well acquainted with the issue of Syrian crisis we were able to put forth a case sufficient enough to grab us a win. The final round against PGCL too was intense as we as government had to Explain why we need to ban “Santhara” it was a challenge to defend our course of action but we managed to grab a 6-3 win. For 3 of us it’s a first parliamentary debate win and we hope to perform well in future tournaments too.

Q: They say that every success is an outcome of sheer hard work and dedication. And your victory wasn’t an exception either. Tell us how you prepared for the competition? What was your strategy?

A: It is indeed true that for every success, hard work is necessary. To begin with, we started reading on relevant issues happening across, along with referring to motions of other debates & tried solving them. During the tournament, while one gave ideas & arguments, others tried to think about possible extensions & counter arguments of the move.

Q: There is a widespread notion that debating is different from Mooting is many aspects. One of them is, you cannot prepare for the debate beforehand since the topic is allocated just 15 minutes before the debate. How true is that?

A: That is an absolutely false notion. Even though you get the motions and topics for debate just minutes before and it may not be able to prepare on that topic in advance however, you need to have immense amount of knowledge on the topic to be able to successfully debate. And thus, comes the part that all good debaters are always working on – reading, be it books, newspaper or any such matter. A debater always needs to be on toes with the current affairs. He needs to be able to think rationally and think for arguments from either side even though he doesn’t personally agree with it, and this complements very well to our abilities as a lawyer.  We may not always get the winning side and therefore it is important to learn to think from the losing side and yet make it win! Also reading is never just enough. One needs to also know how to apply them in arguments and justify them,  which is the basic principle of debating – Argument Reasoning Example And therefore all of us have constantly been indulged in activities like breaking cases and practice debates, matter sessions and so forth.

Q: In the end, what will be your advice to the new debaters and debating aspirants who will be joining the institute soon enough?

A: To other debaters, our only advice is to keep reading, thinking & engaging on ideas. Don’t accept anything as they are, try to find a reason for the thing existing in that style. Discuss it with people, read more on it, & most importantly, listen to good debates.

We congratulate the trio for their spectacular victory and hope for the best for their future.


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