Fatema Khorakiwala placed at Wadia Ghandy & Co. Ahmedabad

Fatema Khorakiwala, 5th year student from Business Law Honors got placed in Wadia Ghandy & Co., Ahmedabad. She extends her gratitude towards our Director Ma’am and all the teachers at ILNU as part of this success comes from their strong support and guidance. She is also thankful to CRC for providing a platform to the students to perform their internships notably and get placed.

Wadia Ghandy & Co., is one of the oldest law firms of India. Established in 1883, Wadia Ghandy & Co. (the firm) is a full-service law firm offering a wide range of legal services across a broad spectrum of practice areas and sectors, including transactional, regulatory, advisory and dispute resolution services. Having been in the legal services industry for more than 130 years, the firm has been witness to a host of critical changes in the political, economic and legal scenarios in India. The firm caters to its clientele from its main office at Mumbai and its branch offices spread across four cities in India. It also enjoys strong working relationships with other law firms both within and outside India. The firm blends its traditional values seamlessly with the dynamic business environment in India, to offer practical and innovative advice tailored for the evolving and unique requirements of each client. It currently holds offices at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Singapore. The law firm was started by Mr. Wadia and Jiwaji Dinshaw Ghandy. Despite losing one of their senior partners Anand Bhatt in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack, the firm has continued to prosper. Nihar Mody, once a partner at Wadia Ghandy & co, has gone on to found Platinum Partners. Currently, Mr. Farid Karachiwala is one of the leading partners in litigation law in the High Courts, Supreme Court, City Civil Court, Small Causes Court, Consumer Court, Magistrate Court, amongst various arbitration. The firm is a partnership firm with various partners for each office. For offices other than the Mumbai office, there is a junior resident partner and the partners of Mumbai have cross-partnerships in such local offices. Currently the position of managing partner of the firm is shared between Ashish Ahuja and Dhawal Mehta.

“I am the first generation lawyer in my family.” Says Fatema. “In my third year, I encountered corporate law and I felt that is where my interest lied and then in my last year, when everyone was gearing up for the placements, I started shortlisting firms in which I was interested to work and Wadia Ghandy & co. being one of the most reputed firms of India and also being a local of Ahmedabad it was always on top of my list and eventually I applied in the firm.

With the belief of not giving up till the time I make my way in the firm was my motto. I always believed that your “I can” is more important than your IQ and I don’t think I can summarize it better. I also believe that spending time with your family and friends, taking some time off, reading, exercising, but being equally focused and committed to your profession is the key to balance a career life. Keeping this in mind, I am indeed very happy and excited to get started with Wadia Ghandy & Co.  And I sincerely believe that working with Wadia Ghandy & co. will further give me opportunities for my growth in the corporate field.”

Fatema Khorakiwala



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