ILNU Diaries

Life at NIRMA

This post is submitted by our student Aditya Sharma about the journey at Nirma.

Because a lot of people are confused about Nirma University, with no prejudices I have written this text, it is my view and we can always agree to disagree.

What are you? What are you searching for? If you have answer to these questions probably your work is easier when you search to select a college.  The time I underwent this process, geez! believe me I understand the pressure you are going through. But I did go to different colleges, including NLU’s, other Ivy law colleges and then decided to join NIRMA University.  Today I take this huge task of telling you about my alma mater, it is not to tell you why we are better than others but to tell you why we stand unique.

The institute started in 2007 and since then bagged every possible credit which makes its BEST of its kind.  Let us start one by one, well indeed it’s a private college but was the first one to take students through CLAT Common Entrance Test, is that not unique? Over the years the institute has undertaken and ensured the best curriculum that can enhance overall development. It was first again among the law colleges in India, to start with OBE learning pattern, which was only followed by other colleges in India, is it not unique?  The college in 2015 was accredited with NAAC “A” Score and since this work is a centralised governmental process that has various criteria’s to judge a universities and you should indeed look at the list to know  “Who else got lucky”. Now, few say they make you work very hard at NIRMA. I must assure you it is TRUE.  But you are not looking forward to be a meek lawyer or are you?  The fact that students are trained to work hard here is not to benefit the university only but you largely. It coincides with the Universities mission who unwaveringly talks about encouraging students to join litigation, politics, diplomacy and not just the trending fields. So what is wrong here, we believe in setting trends rather than following. Are we not unique? Indeed we respect talent and hence it’s the only private college that provides scholarship on two grounds of merit and merit come means basis only after the eligibility to avail the scholarship is proven by the student and in doing so we are not copying anyone.  The college is humming throughout the years with events, be it cultural, literary or sports. We have centres with student Chairpersons who are committed and helping. The college has five research centres, which organize various national and International level, and in doing so we collaborate under guidance of organizations such as ICRC, UNHRC, UNICEF. I remember we being told that do not tag yourself using college name, rather develop yourself as a brand, is this uniqueness not appreciative.  If placement worries you, look at the records readily available at the college site.  Mooting and Debating is not a onetime affair but a culture we take pride in. Indeed we are the only PRIVATE COLLEGE to bag prestige BCI moot three times in a row, apart from winning B. R. Swahney, clearing rounds for SAARC moot court competition and humbly submit there is much more to come. And to groom the mooters and debaters, mentors are appointed from among the students and faculties are always ready to help in any way possible.

I remember when I was interviewed by the institute’s director during the admission process, I asked her-“what if I want to join other law college and is there a way I can still withdraw. To my surprise she was gentle enough to tell me the procedure herself” and the faculties still are same, willing to help. The admission procedure is transparent from the beginning and same is the case with the other procedures followed at the college. You will be guided by seniors, appreciated by your batch mates and cheered by juniors and this is the life at Nirma I am talking about. We are not perfect, if it means we cannot commit mistakes, we rise from our failures and doing so tell me if that’s not Unique.

You reading this shall read and listen to perspectives but judge only using after analyzing yourself. This is my perspective again as an insider, but surely an insider can tell about the college.



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