ILNU Students win accolades at Nagpur MUN

– As Reported by Deepansh Tripathi

Whether talking about Moots, Debates and now MUN’s we are becoming a symbol of glory in every field. ILNU has proved its worth once again. Spectacular performance by students of ILNU in Nagpur Mun 2016. Indeed it’s a very proud moments for all of us.

Three of our students ( Devashish Trivedi of 1st Year, Shounak Kothekar of 4th Year, Manishankar Singh of 3rd Year) made a heretic of Special Mentions in the Nagpur Mun. Apart from these three, the MUN committee also takes pride in appreciating the efforts of Kanay Pisal of 1st Year, who was a delegate in Lok Sabha, Aishwarya Pande, who was a Secretariat Member in Nagpur MUN and Prateek Mago, who served as the Vice-President of the United Nations Security Council Committee.

In these type of conferences, students step into the shoes of ambassadors of various countries that are members of the UN, from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Now Indian committees are becoming the new attraction of these conferences.

It helps students to learn how the international community acts on its concerns about peace and security, human rights, the environment, food and hunger, economic development and also all the major issues which India is dealing with.

Now let’s hear what participants have to say about their experience at the conferrence:-

“My 2 day experience was great, the committee comprised of 50 well researched and experienced delegates who were willing to discuss, criticize and deliberate on the issue of ” International intervention in Syrian civil war”, I was allotted Israel and being a neighboring country witnessing horrors of war in person, my primary objective as a delegate of Israel was to divert the attention of the whole committee to the fact that the civil war in itself was not just affecting states of Syria and Iraq but its neighboring nations and the whole world at large in a drastic manner.  –Devashish Trivedi, delegate of Israel in UNGA-DISEC.

“I served as the Vice-President of the United Nations Security Council committee. It was a pretty decent experience as the end of the conference, all the delegates were able to do something which was never been done in the past. The committee defined the principle of ‘Responsibility to Protect’ and established a framework for intervention. The overall experience had been tremendous and also, being associated with Nagpur MUN since its inception, i can easily say that this conference is growing every year and a must to attend.” – Prateek Mago, who served as the Vice- President of the United Nations Security Council Committee

“When I got the invitation for the signature committee AMAN KI ASHA of Nagpur International Model United nations, the first thought which came into my mind was that I will have to cut short my holidays. But I somehow felt that this Aman ki asha might be a life changing experience for me. The agenda for the committee was “Combating Terrorism in South Asia”.When I reached there and the first session started, one by one everyone gave their opening speeches, and it was difficult to recognize who is the speaker from India and who is from Pakistan. All of us were talking about the same subject, “PEACE” because of the burn terrorism had given us and the other related issues. In our conference, we got to know about the atrocious setback one delegate suffered who survived three bomb attacks in Pakistan. Those are certainly some of the most unforgettable memories I will cherish forever. I realized that there is a mutual disgust towards violence and hope to see both the nations prosper collectively. We made some enduring memories, shared our views and made some cross border friends. Lastly, when the executive board bestowed me with the Special Mention award it became a momentous event which shall be an indelible juncture in my life” – Mani Shankar Singh, Delegate of Integrity at AMAN KI ASHA, Special Council


We congratulate all the winners and wish that they will made us proud in other future events as well.


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