Following the trend v. Being the trend – Harsha Asnani bags 13th rank in CS Foundation Course Examination

As reported by Deepansh Tripathi & Mallika Malhotra

This year many of the students from Institute of Law, Nirma University have cleared their C.S exam (Company Secretary) with high ranks.

Harsha Asnani, a third year student from Institute of Law, Nirma University who also cleared her CS foundation exam with a very high All India Rank was asked a few questions to help other students gain knowledge about it.

  1. First of all congratulations for your huge success. Can you tell us which position you secured in the exam and which course were you enrolled in?

Thanks a lot! My AIR was 13. I had enrolled for CS Foundation June 2016.

  1. What were your subjects?

The programme consisted of 4 subjects namely,

  • Fundamentals of Accounting and Audit Principles,
  • Business Management Ethics and Communications,
  • Business Economics,
  • Business Environment and Entrepreneurship.
  1. How did you prepare for the exam, given the hectic schedule of the BA. LL.B course?

Given that I was a commerce student, helped me a lot during the preparations of the exam. I always felt that my commerce background would be futile as I’m pursuing an Arts degree but as it is said that an investment in knowledge never goes waste. So I would like to contribute my success and gratitude to my teachers who had prepared me not only for the boards but also for the life. To be frank, I could not dedicate much time handling the academics of college and CS together. Moreover, the hectic schedule at internship left me with the option of studying thoroughly only after the internship hours.

  1. How Institute of Law, Nirma University was of any help to you?

We had a CS orientation programme which helped me learn about the course in depth and the benefits thereof. Also the hectic schedule of college taught me time management and multi-tasking.

  1. Any suggestions you would like to give to the other aspirants out there?

Although I had a commerce background, I would like to add that the background of a student doesn’t matter unless you put your heart and soul in what you’re doing. Also I would advise that don’t do it just for the sake of the trend or because your peers are doing the same as it would a mere course and not a life learning.


We wish Harsha all the best for her CS executive exam and for all the future endeavors of her life.


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