Hard Work, Comprehensive Understanding and Plan of Action: Tanya Jain on achieving 12th rank in CS Foundation Exams

– As reported by Vatsalya Vishal

Q- First of all, congratulations for your huge success Tanya. How do you feel about it?

R- Thank you for the wishes. It has been 5 months since the results have been announced and I still feel great that hard work has paid off.

Q-You are probably the only person in the whole institute to even go for the CS Examinations in first year. What made you go for the Company Secretary Exam so early in your career?
R – Law as a profession has fascinated me in my senior secondary years and what could have been better to take it up with CS. I took a year off to prepare for CLAT and eventually decided to write CS foundation exam along with it to make the best use of time and developed interest in it gradually.

Q- How did you prepare for the exams? Did you face any difficulty while preparing for both CLAT examinations and CS Foundation Examinations?
R- I took classes for CS for 5 months. I started preparing for CLAT after CS foundation result was announced in January. All I did throughout the year was keep a note of current affairs. All in all, it was a good experience and thus who are looking forward to it should definitely give it a try.

Q-After this, what is the next goal in your mind? Have you already set your mind to be a corporate lawyer?
R- I definitely want to continue with CS along with graduation in law from ILNU.
Initially I had confined my career to corporate sector but the orientation provided in ILNU has helped me to keep myself open to all the fields law can offer.

Q- In the end, what will be your message to the readers?

R-All who are looking forward to take the exam should be optimistic about it as all it needs is hard work and comprehensive understanding. Moreover the curriculum designed by ILNU is supportive enough to help one prepare for such professional courses.



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