Understanding and Pursuing your Dream should be the Goal – Nishant Divan on publishing his First Book

– As reported by Prakhar Shukla

Nishant Divan, a student of ILNU, recently got his first book published by the crossword publications. In this conversation with Social Media Committee, he shared his experience while writing the book, how his journey has been and his goals and expectations. Here are the excerpts of the interview.

Q- First of all, congratulations for your amazing achievement at such a young age. How do you feel about it?

  • I am actually very excited regarding this publishing book named THE GOLD BRICK but, yes finally it’s my dream come true for which I always had a resemblance from the start, I remember it’s the 7th Standard when I started.

Q- You started it all in 7th standard. What kind of evolution do you see in yourself as a writer and a student of law since then?

  • Actually that’s a little tricky for me when you say as a law student because, coming to this field of law has only motivated me towards my passion of writing and eventually I have always concentrated on it. Definitely my journey as a 7th grade student trying to write a small story to becoming so much confident that yes now is the right time to publish this material has been fascinating as well as challenging but has always led me more and more towards my satisfaction.

Q- How did you land in the thoughtful writing profession in the first place and how you managed it with your law school?

  • Now exactly, that is the challenging part, to balance yourself with your law school which happens to be ILNU in my case where all students are inclined towards justice education as well as involved in making themselves as finest legal students in country, whereas I was writing alone in some corner about a fictional corporate fraud but at times it strikes me now that ILNU made me an individual who can handle any type of pressure and manage myself more easily. I came into this profession because, I always loved travel writing and my late grandfather always supported me with this.


Q-Where do you see yourself ten years later? Also can you tell us more about travel writing?

  • In future, I want to see myself travelling to all different places and in the beauty of nature as well as anonymity always writing something to let people be aware about new things and let them also realise the problems of past, In fact I have been doing this work through my blog named Neglected Actuality. Maybe I have answered most part in travel writing but, still I want to say that there are so many things we haven’t seen, so many countries we had never bothered to visit but I want to visit them all and keep writing.

Q-   In the end, what will be your message to the readers?

  • Just one thing that, you should understand what your dream is and once you know it keep following it and believe me success is just a part, mainly it’s your satisfaction what matters the most and will always. I remember what my late grandfather always said to me – “Always think what you want to do but work for what you want to become.”

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