ILNU students shine at Indore MUN

Recently held Indore MUN added another feather in the hat of victories for Institute of Law, Nirma University where as many as four students from a delegation of nine managed to achieve high commendation in different committees of the MUN. Our correspondent, Abhishek Tripathy who himself received a special mention at the event shares his memoir of the MUN and gives us an insight on the spectacular performance by ILNU students.

“Hold your head high, you are from ILNU”, a sense of confidence rushes through your veins when your senior advises you the same. The delegation from our college was small yet capable group with two of my seniors chairing the Indo-Pak cabinet. Indore MUN is considered to be the largest MUN in central India due to the number of committees that functions (with as many as 8 committees including the conventional UN committees). We had students from ILNU in DISEC, LOKSABHA and Indo-Pak cabinet. The first day began with the registration formalities which included receiving the kit and collecting the ID cards. We reported to our respective committees and soon the briefing began followed by an unmod session whereby we get to know our co-delegates. Three days of MUNing awaited us.

Indo-Pak Ad-Hoc Crisis Committee

Representing Pakistan is always a tough task but the difficulty doubles when you are the president of Pakistan. I was assigned the role of President of Pakistan and given the profound implications of the post it was upon me to hold the cabinet together and to be diplomatic in giving my statements. Procedures seemed a bit confusing as this was my first MUN. Both Indian as well as Pakistan side had experienced delegates.  Devasish Trivedi (II year,ILNU) was the minister of trade and commerce. The chair made sure the committee remains active with his frequent inflow of updates. After the private sessions we had our first crisis that dealt with the Kashmir issue. As expected, there were heated arguments and exchange of words but it did help in opening up the cabinet to have a healthier debate in the following days. The unmod sessions were equally productive and there was healthy lobbying in order to reach to an agreement and resolve the crisis. The second crisis had a bit of IR involved wherein the aim was to take a global perspective of the situation.  According to Devasish, “Indore MUN was a thrilling experience being part of the Indo-Pak cabinet, the cabinet was constituted for an ad hoc purpose to solve 2 crises which were affecting the politics of 2 nations and world at large, being part of minister of commerce and industry from Indian side, it became crucial for me to settle the enmities by keeping a diplomatic stance keeping the sovereignty of my nation in my mind.” The committee was competitive as well as cooperative as both the crisis were solved with mutual agreement.  This being my first MUN, was an enriching experience wherein it improved my leadership skills and was a test of my capabilities. The research helped me to know a lot about other country’s stance and to get an idea about media’s important role in manipulating opinions.


“It’s said that the transition from school to college is tough. But going to Indore MUN 2016 just a month being into college made an exception to this belief for me. I was the Delegate of the People’s Republic of China in the committee UNGA-DISEC and our agenda was Demilitarizing Private Military Companies. Being in a 100+ member strong committee for the first time was indeed challenging for me initially but I quickly got into the groove of the committee. Even though one receives minimal chances to speak in such a large committee, I learnt that the trick is to make the best use of those few minutes and otherwise mobilise the committee to your position by means of intense lobbying, writing a great number of chits and drafting detailed and ingenious documents”. (Shubham Borah, 1st year)



Representing ILNU in Lok Sabha, we had Mani Shankar Mani (3rd Year student). His critique and efforts earned him the High Commendation Award in the very panel. Sharing his experience, he said “I was allocated the seat of Mr. NITIN GADKARI in Lok Sabha. when I reached there and the ROP was going on, the Speaker inquired about the Prime Minister, but the person who was allotted that seat, didn’t show up, so he asked if anyone else was interested to be the acting PM, and without any second thought in my mind, I raised my Placard and I was designated as the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi.

As per the protocol, I was supposed to be the First speaker for the session. The agenda for the conference was Anti-Conversion Bill. I gave my opening speech in favour of the Anti-Conversion Bill. Then followed by the numerous speeches, at the end of day one, The speaker asked me to draft a bill on the Anti-Conversion. At the night I drafted the bill and next day with a few additions suggested by my fellow delegates I introduced the drafted Bill with the title “Freedom of Religion Bill, 2016”. We debated on the bill for the whole day some amendments came but few passed. On the third day of the conference, the bill was presented to vote. But then due to opposition from the INC and the Third front the bill went to the Standing Committee.

Indore MUN 2016 is going to be one such episode of all my MUNs which gave me reminiscences I will always revive. The best part of the MUN was the people, and I know that I have made friends for a lifetime by sharing the bonds of common interests. Being appreciated by the whole committee and the Executive board, I felt distinguished. At last, I was awarded the High Commendation Award, but that was just a complimentary thing for me because when my fellow delegates came towards me and shook hands with me and appreciated me for all my efforts and speeches during the days and asked me for my contact number, I felt satisfied that I had done some exceptional work on my part. Those words of appreciation from them is something which galvanizes me for further continuous open dialogues with people across. These conferences, awards, committees, and the discussions about the personal goals and agendas and also their disappointments are the experiences I’ve collected from my MUNs so far.”

We all went there to do our best and give our best shot without the slightest hint of any expectations but with a certain goal. It was really a proud feeling as even after being a small delegation, four students from ILNU were able to get prizes for themselves and recognition for the university. Devasish Trivedi from the second year and Abhishek Tripathy from the first year got best delegate and special mention respectively for Indo-Pak cabinet. The high commendation from UNGA DISEC went to Shubham Borah of First year.  We also managed to get high commendation in the Lok Sabha. This was an enthralling experience and especially for many of us like me who had been a part of any MUN for the first time. The MUN did not only show us what it takes to be a part of an MUN, but also encouraged us to participate further.



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