Connaissance, Day 1: As it happened

In its own feat of extravaganza, Institute of Law, Nirma University is organizing the Seventh edition of its flagship Literary and Art festival Connaissance from 19th to 21st August 2016. These three days of the festival are one of the most happening days at ILNU. Our correspondent for Social Media Committee Priyanshi Joshi shares her own experience of the momentous memorabilia of day one of Connaissance.

If you want to understand Connaissance, just remember the best food you ever had in your life. Yes, the one rich in taste, the every bite of which made you feel like you are in heaven, the every bite of which made you yearn for more. And you were never sure what more taste you can get from it. Connaissance is like that tasty sumptuous food. You can go on to see it, live it. But in the end, it will always leave you longing for more. Connaissance is the name of a collection of events which after a certain time, have grown to have their own identities. It has the fifth edition of Parliamentary Debate and after seeing the overwhelming response from the participants, one can be sure that it may well go up to fifty editions. Connaissance has the second edition of its Youth Parliament which is gaining its own share of popularity with each passing moment. The event is witnessing two National Level Quiz Competitions, One workshop on Micro literary writing by Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) and in the end, a promised scintillating evening by none other than Piyush Mishra.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though and talk about the first day of Connaissance. I have been going to the same institute for three months now. This much time is enough to get you accustomed to your way around in your own institute and be used to it. Not today though. The decoration made sure that the whole institute dazzles in its own awesomeness. The institute was decorated up to the mark and the volunteers were making sure that each thing is perfect. Students from all over the country have participated and the registration counter was beaming with the excitement. All the participants carrying the-black-file were debating and discussing among themselves about their day ahead. The college was vibrant with the enthusiasm of all the participants and with the enthusiasm of the faculty. The Parliamentary Debate did not only witness participants from law schools but also from schools of economics, management studies, technology etc. One could sense the enthusiasm in the corridors and this increased the urge for learning. Through my personal interaction with few participants, I came to know that they had specially came to Ahmedabad to participate in the debate and excitement was incomparable. Though they were a bit nervous about the proceedings but they were really looking forward to grow their debating skills and learn something new.

After the registration process, the programme was inaugurated by an inspiring welcome note by the Director and Dean of ILNU, Prof (Dr.) Purvi Pokhariyal. After the inaugural session, there was adjudication session with some of the best debaters of the country. There was a very positive response from the participants of which I am sure there will be definitely a major increase in their learning. On the parallel side, there was a Runners’ meeting, which was not only attended by participants outside ILNU, but also from the students of ILNU. There was a full fledge programme running in the institute where all the debaters were engaged in gaining knowledge and experience. All the teams had arrived by afternoon and were ready for the debate rounds. They were not only preparing for the debate but were also looking forward towards a healthy competition. National Parliamentary Debate provides a platform for students all over the country to interact with some best debaters, not only from the field of law, but also from various other fields. It was a great time being there and experiencing the positive environment, I am sure the participants who had come with great expectations would not have been disappointed.



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