Be slow, but be steady: Shielly Parwal on acheiving 17th rank in Rajasthan Judicial Services

You cannot be around Shielly and not be infected by her terrific energy. She is the owner of an enigmatic smile and a charming personality. She had a remarkable time while studyig at ILNU where she participated in every kind of co – curricular and extra – curricular activity while maintaining a formidable GPA throughout 5 years. You will get to know her genius the moment you have your first conversation with her. Shielly partook in this year’s Rajasthan Judicial Service Examinations and came on top with flying colours having attained 17th rank in it. She had a conversation with our correspondent Yash Mittal wherein she answered some questions which we all have been dying to ask. Here are the excerpts

Q: How would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Ans. Hello friends! I am Shielly Parwal, a 2016 graduate from Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad.  I have recently cleared Rajasthan Judicial Services examination with 17th rank. I am a simple, happy-go-lucky person who likes to find opportunities for learning new things every day. I believe if you are truly determined, there’s nothing which can stop you from achieving what you want.

Q: What prompted you to choose law as a career option? And how did you end up at Institute of Law, Nirma University?

Ans. Since I come from a non-law background, opting for law as a career option was never on my books. My idea about law and the career related to it was limited to that of movies and serials. But, one thing that I was sure of was to not opt for conventional courses available for a commerce student. So, I took career counselling and consulted my teachers and seniors to gain information on this subject, and it was then that I realised my inclination towards law. My family gave me the liberty to chase my dreams and I ended up at Institute of Law, Nirma University.


Q. Can you tell us about your experience at ILNU? What ups and downs did you have to see there in those five years?

Ans. Five years at ILNU was more than just a college; it was a learning experience for me. From a girl who was introvert, submissive and suffered from stage fear, I have transformed into a confident lady ready to face all the challenges that life throws at me. Continuous assessment programmes conducted here included submitting assignments, presentations, group exercises, debating, mooting, internships, and other extra-curricular activities.  It all seemed very rigorous back then, but now when I look at myself, these have contributed a great deal to hone my personality and strengthened me to adapt to the real world. Law, being such a vast subject has broadened my horizons and pushed me to analyse various aspects of a given situation before arriving at a conclusion. Mooting further developed my reading and interpretation skills. It piqued my interest in legal research too. The journey of ILNU is a memory to be cherished forever.

Q: Any co – curricular or extra curricular activities you participated in?

Ans. I tried to strike a balance between my academics and co-curricular activities. Academically, I have maintained a 8.9 CGPA throughout 5 years.  I have also cleared four of the Rainmaker exams.

My team stood at 4th rank in intramurals and was fortunate enough to represent college in NLSIU International Arbitration Competition.  I also represented my college in Treaty Appreciation Competition held at GLC, Bombay. Thereafter, I wrote several legal essays for various competitions.  I even enjoyed teaching my fellow mates, mostly for exam purpose.

I planned my internships in a way so as to gain a first-hand experience of all legal career options, and it helped me to pursue my goal.

I paid equal attention to physical training and bagged the 2nd rank in Group Dance Competition held at Nirma University.  I actively participated in organising certain events for the college.

Apart from all this, I still managed to spare time to have fun with my friends. All these experiences have helped in shaping my personality in the long run.

Q: So how did the idea of being the judge came in? Was it your life long ambition or something which you dreamt of being post law school?

Ans. I believe it to be a conscious choice to appear for Judicial Services.  It was never my lifelong ambition, but I arranged all my internships in a way so that I gain a practical experience of all the career options associated with law.  Meanwhile, I felt driven towards serving the society and ensuring justice. These goals accompanied with interpreting law moved me to opt for judiciary. In addition, the prestige and social security attached to this post allured me to move forward in this direction.

Q: How did you prepare for Rajasthan Judicial Service Examination?

Ans. A lot of law students have been asking me this question as to how I managed to crack Rajasthan Judicial Services in just six months in my first attempt.  Well! There is no shortcut to it. Running through more than 40 bare acts, understanding concepts, latest case laws, and getting well-versed with English and Hindi in such a short span of time is indeed a herculean task.  So what has really helped me is my five years of Law College where I had focused more on understanding fundamentals of law.  If your conceptual understanding is clear, then preparing for Judiciary equates to brushing up your memory. I joined coaching for three months and it helped me to confine my studies to the focus areas and kept me motivated. I devoted 10 to 12 hours a day for my studies. Don’t go after numbers; at the end, it is the quality that matters. Running through each and every provision is not required, go for smart work. I formulated strategies by fixing daily targets and took all mock tests as a part of regular assessment. Confidence is the key to crack interviews. The most difficult part for me was to give up my social life and confine myself within four walls, but as they say, hard work pays off in the long run. Looking back, it doesn’t seem such a big sacrifice for the immense happiness that I feel right now.

Q: Which sector of law you liked the most and why?

Ans.I opted for Corporate Honours in my 4th year. But frankly speaking, even though I secured good grades, I always lacked interest in it.  Working at grass root level has always drawn my attention and motivated me to opt for judiciary.

Q: What made you to shift towards judiciary immediately after Graduation? What other option you were considering?

Ans. As I said, serving the society and ensuring justice has always remained my primary goals.  I desired to opt for a career avenue wherein I voluntarily put extra effort to excel and still go back home and sleep in peace.  Judiciary offered me a way to fulfil all my desires.  The work of a judge interests me for they get to analyse different aspects of a case in practical life. However, I do understand that it’s challenging to strike at the right decision when both parties are trying their best. Apart from that, the reputation and social stature of a judge has always fascinated me.

The other option that was under my consideration was teaching.

Q: Was there anyone who influenced you to opt for Judiciary rather than litigating?

Ans.From the day I entered the law field, my parents wanted me to be a Judge. However, they gave me liberty to decide for my own.  I started observing work of Judges during my internships which motivated me further.  I discussed my plans with my uncle ADJ Shank Lal Gupta who further guided me for the same.

Q: At last, what would you like to tell your juniors?

Ans.There is no substitute for hard work. Make the most of your 5 year journey and leave no regrets behind. This is a journey to be treasured for lifetime. Keep your arms wide open and participate in all activities of the Law School. This is going to strengthen you to face challenges in future.

Go after your dreams because only that will motivate you to strive for perfection. Before settling on a career option, first ask yourself as to why you want to pursue it. If you are planning to opt for Judiciary, then have patience and work hard to achieve your goals. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Don’t evaluate your job in monetary terms but go for job satisfaction I would like to quote Steve Jobs here “the only way to do great work is to love what you do”.

In the end, make sure you make a lot of friends and enjoy this journey to the fullest. Wishing everyone all the very best!


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