Center for Corporate Research


ILNU established the Centre for Corporate Law Studies aimed at institutionalizing and channelizing researches on aspects of corporate and business that take place all around the world. The Center hopes to give a vital catalyst by instilling an outlook amongst those future corporate experts to scrutinize the different parts of business and its interaction with the general public. It sheds light on the wide ranging contemporary corporate law issues: which includes as major thrust area financial markets and intermediaries; the legal framework of Corporate Law, like, Company Law, Taxation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities Law etc.

Objectives undertaken by centre for corporate law:

  1. To set up and advance connections internationally and nationally with similar bodies, and provide a focal point in India for researchers in corporate law.
  2. To attempt and encourage research on corporate laws and entice students of the highest potential to the Law School’s programs and provide opportunities for their engagement in corporate law research projects.
  3. To establish close relations with top associations and members of the legal profession associated with corporate law and securities regulation.
  4. To create and advance connections with academics in universities in India and in other countries who specialize in corporate law.


Glimpses of Activities:

  • The Centre organized various expert lectures conducted by various professionals who have great expertise in securities market, company matters, capital market transactions and company secretarial standards.
  • It has organized various literary events and debate competition with an objective of inculcating research using various tools and techniques.
  • It publishes annual journal on corporate law research which aims to provide an opportunity to academicians, practitioners and students to publish their view on contemporary issues in corporate law in the form of Articles, Case notes, etc.


  • Centre Head: Prof. Amit K Kashyap
  • Associate Members:  Prof. Anwesha Pal


Student Members

  1. Swarna Hardikar (14BAL018)
  2. Atul Sharma (13BBL048)
  3. Rithika Panicker (13bll032)
  4. Urvashi Jaswani (12BLL025)
  5. Yash Bagra (12BAL063)
  6. Jitendra Sharda (12BBL053)
  7. Harsh Sharma (12BLL053)
  8. Lalit Joshi (12bll027)
  9. Karan Valecha (12BBL058)
  10. Puneet Mishra (12BBL030)
  11. Anchit Bhandari (12bal126)
  12. Ronit Sharma (12bbl063)
  13. Chirag Jain (11bbl040)
  14. Sparsh (13bal055)
  15. Sounak Chakraborty (13BBL008)