Center for Criminal Law



Centre for Criminal Law and Justice at Institute of Law under Nirma University is concerned with the motivations and careers of lawbreakers and also the broader questions of legal system understanding which are part of legal society and policy making. It seeks to bring together people involved in criminal justice through various means, including publications, conferences, and courses. The Centre fosters an active and flourishing academic environment for teaching and research.

This includes:

  • Issues of definition
  • policing
  • prosecution
  • punishment


This also includes and focuses on the original research work done by the students and trains them for the same.
This Center is mainly based on the interdisciplinary approach in criminal justice with clear relevance to Law and Society. Students are encouraged to do research on practical and critical questions in the direction of thinking of crime and the ways to control crime. It looks at the complex explanations of why crime is committed and also at the current debates on crime and crime control in relation to social problems.


The centre for criminal law and justice has the following Objectives:

  • To promote independent thinking, learning and presentation of thoughts.
  • To endorse skills that is needed both to enhance personal skills and to facilitate social engagement.
  • To provide a platform for interaction of students with Criminal Law experts on various Criminal Law related topics.
  • To Conduct Empirical research on different topic regarding the administration of criminal justice.
  • To publish Journal / Edited Book containing original and primary research works by the faculty and students.

Activities carried out in the past years:

  • Open Discussion on Death Penalty in India in the context of Yakub Memon’s Execution dated 6 August, 2015. The students and the staff participated in this discussion in a great number and critically analyzed the judgment for executing Yakub Memon. Also the Constitutional validity of death penalty was discussed at length by the participants.
  • Expert Lecture by Prof. Dr. K. Chandresekharan Pillai on “issues in criminal justice system” on 19 August, 2014.
  • In House discussion on “Human Rights dimensions of Delay in deposing Mercy Petition in the light of Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Case”; Discussant – Ashish Somani.
  • Group Discussion on LGBT rights in India in the context of Suresh Kuumar Kaushal v UOI on 26 February, 2014.
  • In House Lecture on Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013; by Prof Purvi Pokhariyal on 24 September, 2013


Journal of Criminal Law and Justice

The Journal of Criminal Law and Justice is a faculty run, peer-reviewed journal published by the Centre for Criminal Law and Justice, Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The Journal seeks to provide a platform for engaging in multi-disciplinary discussions on themes of criminal law and justice and human rights. The Journal welcomes submissions from academicians, practitioners, research scholars and students from law and allied fields.

Agenda for the year:

  • Organize regular panel discussions and guest lectures on contemporary issues of Criminal Law
  • Publish Journal of Centre for  Criminal Law and Justice (JCLJ) (Issue II) encapsulating critiques on various issues of the Criminal Law and Justice System by students and academicians
  • Organize In-House Legal Competitions on Criminal Law for the students of ILNU such as Legal Article Writing Competition and Mock Trial Competition


Coordinator and Committee:

Honorary Chair professor – Prof. Dr. K. Chandresekharan Pillai
Center Head: Mr. Jacob George, Assistant Professor, Institute of Law, Nirma University