Center for International Humanitarian Laws and Human Rights Law


The Centre for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law endeavors to develop a research based and an inquisitive platform for students in this field of law and to keep up an academic response to the prevalent contemporary challenges in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law. International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and Human Rights Law (HRL) forms a major part of public international law. International Humanitarian Law is a set of rules which seeks to limit the effects of armed conflict for humanitarian reasons. On the other hand, International Human Rights Law (HRL) is committed to promote and protect human rights at the international, regional and domestic level.

Objectives undertaken by centre for IHL & HRL:

To enhance knowledge and understanding of the purpose, substance and scope of IHL and HRL and of the potential of IHL as a tool to achieve and maintain peace and protect rights; and to create awareness of IHL and HRL as part of public international law.

  • To provide a platform of discussion and activities related to this branch of International Law.
  • To reinforce legal recognition and protection of human rights.
  • To encourage interested students in advancing their studies towards this subject.
  • To undertake research projects in International Humanitarian law and Human Rights issues.
  • To partner with international organizations like International Committee of the Red Cross Regional delegation, New Delhi, UNHCR, NHRC.

Glimpses of activities:

  • Conducted National Students Conference on International Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law in association with ICRC and UNHCR.
  • Publication of Conference Proceeding to strengthen the knowledge base and research skills in the area of IHL and HRL
  • Distinguished Lecture and interactive session by eminent persons on various aspects of IHL and HRL

Head of the Centre: Bhumika Nanda, Assistant Professor (Law)

Core Committee:

  • Chairperson– Ayushi Kalyan
  • Vice Chairperson– Bhavinee Singh
  • Secretary– Aishwarya Singh
  • Treasurer– Aditya Sharma

 Members And Media Heads

  1. Tanveer Kaur
  2. Sakshi Mathur
  3. Piyush Swami
  4. Urvashi Jain
  5. Utkarsh Diwaker
  6. Ashwarya Bhargava