Legal Aid Committee

This committee has achieved an astonishing success with the mission and vision it was constituted. It has provided the students of ILNU a platform where they can meet actual prisoners or inmates of Sabarmati Jail, AHMEDABAD and visited many villages and provided the necessary legal aid or help for free of cost to people so that their suffering can be reduced and the necessary remedy can be provided to them.  It has the mission of achieving 100 percent litigation free villages and people living happily without ruining their lives in court cases. For ILNU students this committee helps to develop the reality check where they could face actual problems of their clients and offer genuine solutions.


  1. To provide necessary legal help to people suffering from various kind of legal formalities, court cases.
  2. To build places which are litigation free always and especially focussing on rural areas as their cost of litigation cost people fortune.
  3. To provide inmates of Sabarmati Jail necessary legal aid about what is the future course of action for them as well as guiding general individuals towards right path of law.

Chairperson- Mr. Manan Bhimani (12BAL130)

Secretary- Ashish Somani