Moot Court Committee (Internal)

The most important committee of every law school. but at ILNU mooting is not only an integral part of the curriculum but it is a defined culture with every student building his/her base for future success and all this is all managed by the Moot Court Committee (Internal) which ascertains that every student posses this skill of mooting till he/she graduates from ILNU. Running throughout the corridors members of this committee keep developing confidence for the teams which go out for mooting and guide them with every hurdle that comes in their way.


  1. To develop in every student the skill of mooting as it is necessary to be part of the legal community
  2. To enhance confidence in students and guide them throughout so that when they go out only winners is the title they posses everywhere
  3. To help students by motivating them more and more to contribute towards this mooting culture.

Faculty Head – Ms. Rejitha Nair

Chairperson- Mr. Bharat Singh (12BAL112)

Secretary- Yash Bagra