Moot Court Committee (Organizing)

This committee was instituted with a soulful purpose of promoting the ILNU culture of mooting in whole world by organising and managing firstly an Indian level Moot Court Competition and now bringing it to a platform where teams from international arena also participate in this competition. It also helps the moot court internal team with organising of intra murals every year through which the best talents from the institute are nurtured to become shining performers in various law schools across country.


  1. To conduct interactive and needed innovations in the basic curriculum of mooting
  2. To conduct an international level moot court competition and support other type of single as well as intra mural competition each and every year
  3. To promote the culture of mooting at ILNU in larger legal arena and help students motivate more to participate in necessary skill building.

Chairperson- Bobby Jain

Secretary- Rashi Tater