Media Committee

Can you in anyway ignore the role of Media in this techno savvy fast paced lifestyle in any way possible? Let us answer for you. NO YOU CAN NOT! Or else how are you going to check out the latest cricket scores or what is happening in the market or who has linked up with whom in B – Town or where which movie is being screened! We, the Social Media Committee make the job easier for you if you want to find anything out about the Institute of Law, Nirma University in any way possible.

We are responsible to be the bridge between the college and the outer world by means of print media, electronic media and social media. We are the ones with whom you first interact when you have any query related to the ILNU. Social Media Committee was instituted in ILNU with the aim of catering all the aspects of modern media including platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or for that matter, even this blog, so that the whole world can be the audience of the events being organized at ILNU.

We manage the news coverage for all the events being organized by or at the Institute and we have the responsibility of spreading the news around the campus. We do this by coordinating with different committees, clubs and Research Centers functioning in the campus. We also have the job to interact with prospective students and inform them about the nuances of the Institute. Likewise, we are also the medium of interaction between different law colleges throughout the country and share the events and happenings of the other colleges in order to make this world a small legal village!

Faculty coordinator – Prof. Vikas Trivedi

Chairperson- Neha (14BAL033)

Secretary- Prakhar Shukla (15BBL047)


Aditi Sharma (14bal114)
Vatsalya Vishal (14bal142)
Aklovya Parmar (15bal113)
Ruchi Saxena (15bal122)
Pragya Sharma (16bal039)
Yash Mittal (16bal124)
Priyanshi Joshi (16bal097)
Anmol Bhatt (16bal008)
Shashwat Tiwari (16bal110)
Shubham Gupta (16bal113)