Students’ Welfare Board (Cultural)

Students’ Welfare Board (Cultural) has been instituted to provide for an environment which is necessary to the college life. The committee peeps into the soul of the Institute and for once, brings the artist out of the lawyers through singing and dancing competitions, Mimicry shows, Street fests and organizing the national cultural festival of ILNU, ‘The Vibes’! The committee organized many events for the first year students to help them mix up with the college atmosphere like Agon – the one act play, Milange – singing and dancing talent hunt etc. It gives students a totally different atmosphere from studies once in a while and helps them relax as well as refresh their mind which makes a rich culture of enthusiasm at ILNU.

Faculty Head- Dr. Rachna Chaudhary

Chairperson- Preet Shah (12BLL048)

Secretary- Niyanta Munayal