Center for Social Justice


In order to make access to justice a reality at the grassroot level, Institute of Law, Nirma University established the The Centre for Social Justice. Existing legal system puts more emphasis on theoretical study of law, the centre for social justice has the vision to replace it by practical training on social justice. It aims to have a vibrant community and is guided by pro-active and visionary thinking and co-operative approach of the students and the social workers as well.


Objectives undertaken by centre for social justice:

  1. To design a platform for the students where they can practically examine and ascertain the significance of law and legal system in the dynamic society in bringing forth social justice.
  1. To break the out-dated conceptions of social obstacles present in the society that restrains social development.
  2. To sustain ‘social justice’ by inculcating the values of social sensitivity, connectedness, and responsibility among members and surroundings.

Glimpses of Activities:

It organized a one day symposium on the occasion of World day for Social Justice on 20th February, 2016 which invited an Expert Lecture followed by Panel Discussion by experts from different fields.

Other activities undertaken by it includes

  • Research Project and Field work with NGO
  • Debates and Panel Discussion.
  • Skit and Kavi Sammelan on Social Justice Issues
  • Publication of Annual Journal
  • Gender Sensitisation Training


  • Advisory Board:

Honorary Research Chair Professor, Centre for Social Justice-Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat , Chairman, Indian Council for Social Science Research, New Delhi


  • Head of the Centre: Dr. N. Bangkim Singh, Assistant Professor
  • Student Chairperson: Abhas Srivastava


  • Members:
  1. Bharat Singh
  2. Devarshi Tiwari
  3. Vivek Singh
  4. Ashutosh Singh
  5. Shriya Agarwal
  6. Eishan Agnihotri
  7. Pallavi Chattopadhya
  8. Akhand Pratap
  9. Shubham Kumar Sharma
  10. Rupali